A Complete Guide to Chandelier Maintenance: Keeping your chandelier sparkling clean

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Chandeliers have become somewhat staple pieces in many homes across the world, and they come in different types, shapes, and materials.

When dealing with chandeliers, it is one thing to find the one that suits the nature of your home, whether modern, minimalistic, traditional, or formal. It is another thing to ensure that you maintain the chandelier after it has been added to your home.

But how do you go about achieving that? Are there important tips you should note about chandelier maintenance? 

Yes, there are. There are also some products and processes you should be familiar with if you want to keep your chandelier sparkling clean for a long time!


Keeping your Chandelier Clean: All the right materials 

Several products are appropriate for cleaning your chandeliers, and you should have them before you begin the cleaning process. The good thing is, these products are not over-the-top expensive, and you can easily find them around. They include the following: 

  • Microfiber/ lint-free cloth
  • Cloth gloves
  • Spray bottle/bowl
  • Ladder 
  • Thick blankets or towels
  • Mild dish Soap 
  • Cleaning solution: You can make a cleaning solution using simple products that are free of harsh chemicals such as vinegar and water or isopropyl alcohol and distilled water (1 part vinegar/isopropyl and 3 part water)


Light Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier maintenance entails dusting your light fixtures even before they are very dirty and soiled. This process ranges from simple dusting to wipe-downs. For such light cleaning, you can leave the crystals on the chandelier during the process.


Place a thick blanket on the floor directly under the chandelier.

Apply your cleaning solution or mild dish soap to your cleaning cloth.

Wipe the body of the chandelier carefully using the cleaning cloth.

Clean the crystals carefully, one section at a time while being careful to avoid pulling out the crystal or any hanging element.


Deep chandelier cleaning 

Sometimes, your chandelier needs a deep, thorough cleaning, especially when you don’t have a regular maintenance schedule. When you need to carry out deep cleaning, the process is a little different, beginning with the fact that you’ll need to remove the crystals from your chandelier so that you can clean all parts properly.



Prepare the blanket on the floor to avoid an accident if one of the crystals were to drop. 

Disassemble the chandelier using the right size of pliers or whatever tool can help you take the parts apart. Set the pieces apart carefully to avoid losing any of them.

Remove the crystals. You can do this one section after the other or remove all the crystals before you begin the cleaning process. It is important to study the crystals properly when removing them to be sure that you can replace them when you are done. A manual can help, or you can take a picture before removing them so that you’ll know how to re-install them.

Lay out all the crystals on a soft towel and start by cleaning the spindles with a cloth soaked in a cleaning solution.

Then, focus on each crystal. Place them in a bowl containing cleaning solution and remove all dirt they might have accumulated using a lint-free cloth.

If you are dealing with a lot of parts that can get confusing, you can choose to remove a chandelier part, clean it, and return it to its position before taking down another one.

Rinse them off with lukewarm water in another bowl and then dry them off using cloth gloves.

Ensure that all the crystals are dry and your hands are clean, and then hang the crystals back carefully.


Maintaining crystal and glass

When dealing with crystal and glass, you can maintain their shine and sparkle using a process called drip wash.

To do this, you need to get out all the bulbs and place them down safely then place a cloth or tissue in the bulb sockets for protection. 

Spritz a natural glass cleaner on the chandelier and then allow the cleaner to drip off the chandelier. Ensure that you have a cloth or blanket on the floor to take all the dripping liquids.

Leave the chandelier to dry on its own after the cleaner drips off and don’t touch it with either your hands or gloves.

When the chandelier drip-dries completely, take away the tissue or cloth from the sockets and replace all the bulbs.

Never use a glass cleaner that contains ammonia because it can damage the metal parts of the chandelier and create streaks.


Maintaining antique or solid brass 

With a simple polishing tip on your fingers, you can keep your brass chandeliers sparkling for a long time.

Begin by cleaning your chandelier with a mixture of white vinegar and salt, and then use some essential oils to buff the brass.

Dip a lint-free cloth in lemon oil and rub the chandelier down with it carefully.

Use mild dish soap and water to wash off any excess oil from the chandelier

Dry off the chandelier with a clean cloth.


Extra Maintenance Tips

Use a microfiber duster to keep dust off your chandeliers in between cleaning sessions.

Always turn off your electricity before you take off the crystals or clean your chandelier. 

Ensure you have alternative lighting set up so that you can see the chandelier and all its parts properly while cleaning.

Put on gloves when cleaning to avoid prints, or clean your hands thoroughly if you don’t want to use gloves.

Avoid spraying your cleaning solution directly on the chandelier because it could damage other chandelier parts.

Avoid rotating a hanging chandelier when cleaning it to avoid loosening the supports and making it fall.

If you have a complex chandelier, engage the services of a professional.



Maintaining your chandelier can either be simple or complex, depending on the type of chandelier in your home, the nature of the cleaning you are carrying out, and how often you engage in the cleaning.

As far as frequency is concerned, there’s no singular rule on how often you must clean your chandelier. It will depend on several factors, including the chandelier location, exposure to dirt and dust, your geographical location, and how much time you have on your hands.

However, once you begin to notice the sparkle dimming and your chandelier becoming dull and cloudy, realize that it is time to do some cleaning.

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