Why do chandeliers cost so much?

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Range of Chandelier Prices

Chandeliers come at a variety of pricing points. The majority of the items are mini-chandeliers with a size of less than 20 inches, and you can get them everywhere.

They are often not that affordable if you're talking about decent-sized chandeliers, 30 inches and more, as one of the primary decorations for your home. The price range is still large, ranging from $250 to $300,000.

Why are chandeliers so expensive?

The process of making chandeliers requires specialized knowledge and a significant amount of time and work, they are pricey. More significantly, there aren't many makers of chandeliers in the US or the EU, hence the majority of chandelier items are imported.

You can observe how the price increased gradually as it moved from producers to importers, distributors, physical stores and perhaps internet, and then to buyers.

The Standard Model: Each party in the middle adds a cost that you, the client, at the end pay.


Another crucial issue is the type of crystal, which has a significant impact on the price of the chandelier. The following is a list of crystal kinds with prices ranging from expensive to inexpensive.

  • Swarovski Elements Crystal Glass 
  • Spectra Crystal 
  • Egyptian / Moroccan Crystal (Gemcut) 
  • Turkish Crystal (Handcut, Heritage Handcut, Regal) 
  • Italian Crystal (Legacy, Venetian) 
  • K9 Crystal 

Most customers, unless they are experts, cannot recognize the difference between different varieties of crystals.


Chandelier Purchasing Strategy

You now see why chandeliers are so expensive. When you search "cheap chandelier" or "budget chandelier" online, you can find some large discounts, like 40% or even more, from certain suppliers. However, even with the reduction, the final price is still exceedingly exorbitant. Most likely, they are one of the players with the conventional business strategy, and they mark their initial price extremely high, giving you the false sense of a fantastic offer.


Here are some practical and simple techniques for finding inexpensive chandeliers:

Choose crystals from the bottom of the list, such as K9, which will save you a lot of money and look just as beautiful as the more costly ones.


Try to find premium brands, like us - Point Design - that sell products directly online so you don't have to pay all those extra costs.

For example, you can buy the Acabinous Luxury Chandelier, which could easily cost you $3500-4000, from us starting with just $1100. We also have chandelier sales on occasion, which are fantastic prices that you won't find anywhere else.

We utilize specialized procedures to examine each product before offering or shipping it. This necessitates stringent quality and accuracy standards. Furthermore, we cut out the middleman and link you directly with manufacturers, which may save you up to 60%.

HERE is a blog post's link on the types of chandeliers you should buy for your house. If you've already settled on a style, you may find a size guide for the chandelier you'll need here.