The Best Christmas Collection and Decoration Ideas for 2021 and beyond!

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Christmas is around the corner and the excitement is already palpable in the atmosphere. While we cannot wait to get in the festive mood and spend time having fun with friends and family, thinking of decorating the home for Christmas can be quite overwhelming.

Beyond decorating the Christmas tree, there is so much to do when decorating your home, especially if you're spending Christmas with your family and guests. You should ensure that every part of your house reflects Christmas and has something that reflects the mood.

This post is a decorator's guide to the best Christmas collection and decoration ideas for your home. Let's whip up some decoration ideas for every area of your house.

Living Room Christmas Decor 

The first and most important room in when it comes to Christmas decorations in your living room. It is where your Christmas tree will be situated and where you'll spend the day celebrating with friends and family.

Go all-in when decorating your living room and ensure that every area screams Christmas! 

 Get and decorate your Christmas tree, whether a natural or artificial one with as many ornaments as you can lay your hands on, including Christmas lighting, Garland, and ornamental balls.

The Christmas tree and the mantel deserve the most attention as they are at the focal point of your living room, but there are other areas to consider too.

You can hang stockings on the chimney, place a cozy winter blanket on the sofa alongside Christmas throw pillows, and get a Christmas-themed centerpiece for your coffee table.

Your windows can be beautified with some evergreen wreaths while bottle brush trees can sit on your shelves.

Christmas Dining Room Decoration

You don't want to have a Christmas dinner in a dining room that looks like the middle of July, so your dining decoration is equally important.

You don't need to do much to create a dining room that looks like it is Christmas. You can make simple changes like putting a small Christmas tree in the corner if you have enough space.

Add faux sheepskin throws to make the dining area cozy and use a festive table runner. You can also get a Christmas centerpiece and decorate your table with white candles.

Kitchen Decoration

The first way to change the feel of your kitchen this Christmas is to string some lights throughout the kitchen. You can frame the windows with this light and hang a wreath, and adorn your wall with Christmas signs and graphics

Switch out those plain kitchen napkins with a Christmas towel and replace your cookie jars and Cake stands with Christmas designs.

There's no better time than now to replace your standard mugs with Deer mugs and have a little Santa bottle holding your spices.

These few additions can transform your kitchen beyond your imagination.

Christmas decoration for your Bedroom

Holiday mornings are filled with a lot of sleep-ins and late mornings spent in bed, so you'll most likely be spending more time in your bedroom this Christmas. 

It is important to ensure that the room where you'll first open your eyes to a new day during the Christmas holiday is cheerfully showcasing the beauty of the season.

Whether it's the parents', kids', or guests' bedroom, the Christmas theme must be present.

The first thing to do is to change your pillows and pillowcases to suit the Christmas theme. Then, you can place a Christmas Nordic Bear Figurine on your nightstand.

Adorn your bed with a Christmas blanket over the corner of the bed and have a wreath hanging from your headboard.

Your Christmas posters and light can go on the walls and windows. Even your foot mat deserves a change so that it fits the Christmas theme.

Bathroom Decoration for Christmas

The bathroom probably didn't cross your mind, but we're not leaving any parts of your house behind so this means there's something to be done here too.

You can add the Christmas feel to your bathroom with a few inclusions like a Christmas candle or a festive towel instead of the usual. You can hand a Christmas ornament on your bathroom door, switch your shower curtain to a Christmas-themed one, and showcase evergreen on your bathroom shelf.

You can also hang a stocking somewhere if there's space for it and hang a garland over your bathroom window. Even your bathroom slippers can look like Christmas.

Decorate your Entryway

Don't make the mistake of thinking your entryway is not important because you're just passing through it. Since it is the first thing people see when they enter your house, it should add Christmas cheer to your home.

Decorating your entryway should begin with hanging a wreath on your front door. You can have a mini Christmas tree a few inches into the entryway and hand a stocking or scarf on your coat hooks.

A Christmas/welcome sign on the wall should lead to your staircase where you can drape a garland around your staircase banister. If you have a seating area, a throw pillow is a great addition.

The best Christmas collection of decorations and accents you should shop for!

Now that we have a guide for your house, let's look at some Christmas accents you can purchase to give your home a spark of festivity and Christmas cheer.

From Christmas jug to decorative accents and centerpieces, this list should help you make a head start in your preparations.




Now that you have a list and a guide for your Christmas decoration, feel free to begin putting things in place.

You can start hanging your decor from December 1st, but some persons start right after Thanksgiving.

Regardless of when you decide to set up your Christmas decoration, ensure that you don't leave anything out as it concerns getting your home all decked up for Christmas.