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Updated: July 5th, 2024

We know you're juggling multiple projects right now.

Clients calling, wondering when their $4,000 chandelier will arrive, but you're still waiting on a tracking number because the vendor emailed last night saying they need a few more days to ship your order.

interior designer trade program

Another client thinks creating renderings is a easy job, not realizing it takes hours of effort.

Contractors sometimes overlook your plans, making your job more challenging.

To top it off, a client wants that RH chandelier but hesitate to pay $9,000 for it,

and everyone seems to be behind on payments.

We've been there too, facing these challenges ourselves.

So, let's get straight to the point—we won't take more than 6 minutes of your time to share what we have for you.

We understand the frustration when supplier delays lead to disputed customer payments since we represent over 60 well known U.S.-based brands such as:

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Who understands the impact of bad supplier service and shipping delays better than a retailes like us?

Even worse, you can't expedite this shipment because the manufacturer produces this product in-house, and they are trying to sell you a story that quality needs time.

The complete unprofessionalism caused by careless suppliers. (not these above)

Don't get us wrong—there are suppliers who excel, and we learn from them to provide world-class customer service, supporting you in your demanding role.

So, we fully understand your challenges and assure you that our lighting won't be delayed like typical furniture tends to be

There's no business on this planet that want to receive reviews like this company below (our competitor):


And many more...

We could go on about the challenges, but let's focus on the solution:

In a few simple steps, we'll source that premium-looking chandelier your client wants within their desired budget

Plus, we'll provide you with educational resources like:

1. Balancing Limited Budget & Creative Design: Maximizing Your Projects - practical strategies and tools to balance creative design and budgeting in your projects

2. Creating Delighted Clients: Expectation Management for Interior Designers - provides practical strategies and solutions to help you manage client expectations, ensuring project success and client satisfactio

3. Never Late Again: Strategies for Prompt Payments - practical tips and expert advice on achieving timely payments

and last but not least

4. Productivity Hacks for Interior Designers: Maximizing Time and Revenue Without Turning Away Clients - perhaps the most crucial factor affecting your reputation, and sometimes beyond your control

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These 10 resources will become your biggest allies

These are the one of the reasons we created our specialized program focused on YOU and your success

Because our goal is to validate your profession and build trust together:

you gain trust from your clients,

and we gain yours trust..

Like our 2871+ U.S. customers:

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As we said our goal is to help you increase your earnings and establish yourself as a trusted interior designer

That's why we offer premium lighting at competitive prices, backed by world-class customer support and educational resources that will help you manage your business more effectively.

And for your first order with us,

you'll receive a free sample of the lighting material so you can customize the lights to your exact specifications, whether in size, shape, or any other requirement you may have.

So, quite literally, there's a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

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