The best tips for decorating your home with vases + the most unique vase recommendations

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Your home decor is never quite complete without the embellishment of a flower vase. Whether you have flowers or plants in them, or you depend solely on the beauty of the vase, you find that they add some nice flair to your living space. 

If you don't already have vases decorating your home or you're seeking new vases to spruce up your space, then you're at the right place.

This is an introduction to the most beautiful vases you can adorn your home with, plus some extra tips on the best vase fillers for your flower vases.


Tips for choosing and using the right vases for your home

  1. Soft Colors over loud colors

Many people rush toward bright and colorful vases because they want them to add beauty to their homes, but that's not always the best decision. Bright-colored vases can cause color clashes and contradictions, especially when you place equally colorful flowers in them. 

It is always better to choose vases in white, black, nude, or other soft colors. Metal vases are also a great choice.

  1. Be bold with shapes

Don't hold on to the thought that flower vases should only come in a few, usual shapes. Feel free to explore outside the norm but consider the environment where the vase will be situated. For instance, Flower vases shaped like bowls are great for office areas, while the bottle and cylindrical-shaped vases are great for living areas.

  1. Explore a wide range of materials

Flower vases are made from different materials, including ceramics, glass, crystals, and metals, and they all have their perks. You can follow the trend at any time or choose any material based on your preference. You can even match different materials around your home.

  1. You can't have too many vases

Nobody says you need just one flower vase in your house, so feel free to adorn several corners of your house as you deem fit. You can situate flower vases in different shapes, sizes, and colors around your home, provided you're able to theme and match them right into your home decor.

  1. Vases can be more than centerpieces 

Yes, it is attractive to have your flower vases as centerpieces in your home where they can draw the attention of your guests, but they can be more. You can also place flower vases on your shelves, work tables, and even kitchen area. Just ensure that they won't break or cause accidents.

  1. Flowers or fillers

Having flowers in your flower vases are a great way to add beauty to your home, and they can either be fresh or fake flowers. However, there are many other fillers to fill your vases with. In the next section, we'll be exploring them. 


Different vase fillers to explore

Taking a bold and classy step outside the usual flower-in-vase style that we have followed for the longest time, here are some fillers to use in your vase for elegant home decor.

Artificial sealife

You can fill your flower vase with artificial versions of seashells, starfishes, coral reefs, and other sea animals and plants, especially for a transparent vase. You can create the impression of a sea inside your flower vase by adding some sand as well.


Fill your vase completely or partially with pebbles and add some feel of nature to your home. You can even create a combination of pebbles and plants in the vase to create a colorful blend. 


Who says candles can only adorn candle stands? You can explore different heights and colors of candles in the vase and place them on pebbles or artificial grass lying at the bottom of your vase.


Glass beads or jelly beads are popular vase fillers amongst people already embracing fillers. You find beads of different sizes and colors, and you can either maintain beads of the same size and shape or match different shapes and sizes together.


Recommended flower vases

1. Zen vase

This Zen vase brightens up your home and adds a stylish touch that is understated but beautiful. With its nordic and elegant design, this Zen vase is an attention arrester.

It is made of ceramic and porcelain, crafted to deliver a smooth and tender beauty to your home.

This bottleneck flower vase can be filled with flowers, used as a plant pot, or used as a stand-alone decor for your home. 

2. Luxury Glass Vase

This luxury glass was created using the hand-blown glass. It is a perfect addition to your modern home, and its sleek nature will fit properly on your shelves, desks, and tables.
This vase is stylish and elegant in a subtle and understated way that's to love. Luxury Glass Vase is great for different home decor themes and can carry a bouquet beautifully.

Made of Glass, this vase is also perfect for pebbles, seashell, and beads.

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3. Girl flower vase/face vase

This unique flower Vase is a favorite of many, and will soon be yours as well. The vase looks beautiful from every angle you look. It is made of porcelain and can carry your flowers beautifully. You can even store small items like keys, pens, and buttons.

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4. Point Donut vase

Shaped like a donut, this vase is the perfect definition of unique, and it'll catch the eyes of anyone who enters your home. It can hold your plants or candle beautifully. It can also stand alone and add beauty to your home.


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5. Bohemian Girl Vase

This Bohemian girl vase is eco-friendly and beautiful. It is painted in natural colors and great for either flowers or storage of small items.
Enhance the beauty of whatever you place in this beautiful vase.

6. Point Marble Style Vase

This beautiful flower vase is made of Iron and ceramics, and they come in Gold, silver, and rose gold.

Small flowers will sit beautifully on this vase, and candles can also sit there beautifully.

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7. Point Nordic Ceramic vase

This beautiful vase is designed with the Scandinavian inspiration that's all about simplicity and minimalism without sacrificing beauty.

This vase upholds the hallmarks of Scandinavian style, which are comfort, simplicity, and minimalism, and they can transform your home decor beautifully.

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8. FlyPlant

Get ready to be wowed by these levitating planters that are constantly hovering in midair. You can sweep your finger through the space between the planter and platform as your plant floats in mid-air, thanks to this intricately crafted magnetic technology that doesn't need batteries.

This levitating pot is beyond any flower pot. It is an impressive design that'll make a pleasing centerpiece in your home.

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9. Gummy Girl Vase

This vase shaped as a cute girl with a gum is a beautiful addition to your house or feminine space. The motif is beautiful from every angle, and you can fill it with flowers or store small objects.

 The gummy girl vase comes in varieties of styles that will liven up your space and bring true beauty to your home.

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